The crucible is where elements are melted down and mixed together, using lots and lots of heat. I felt this summed up the area of Oklahoma City in this setting fairly well. Having been ravaged twice in conflicts between mutants and humans, the place is rife with anger and bitterness. But it was here that the Marcus Vigil Institute of Higher Learning was constructed.

A small campus, with only about a few hundred students, created with the expess purpose of teaching SuperMortals and normal Humans side by side. Teaching them the basic subjects, as well as Ethics in the Age of Powers, Applied Arcane Theory, and various other courses.

It is here that our faculty members find themselves.

The major faculty members are:

Jason Jove: former hero of Carmen City, hero of the Oklahoma City battle, former high school teacher at the Max Liege School for SuperMortal Youth, and a war Hero during the Red Tide. He currently is a professor of Electrical Engineering, and a mentor to many. His powers include an almost godly control over electricity, with the downside of destroying most electronics near him after long enough exposure. He also has many personality flaws, not least of which is his stubborn refusal to acknowledge legal authority figures or laws in general.

Jayden Lunde: A professor of theoretical physics and quantum mechanics, Jayden has been researching into the science of time. Though only 26, he’s a respected physicist, and has been working to create a way to accelerate himself through time as a means of combating enemies. The only problem is that errant 4 that he forgot to carry in one of his calculations. But that shouldn’t be a problem. And those white hairs and premature wrinkles could just be sun damage, right?

Avril Reed: A former mercenary, she has the power to summon creations that have been made in computer coding and project that into the real world, a favorite trick of hers is to summon video game heroes and equipment and have them fight for her. She teaches computer programming as well as other technology based classes. She’s from France, and has a sore spot on her shoulder regarding the irradiation of the Eiffel Tower some 20 years ago.

Rosaire Loa: A Haitian practitioner of voodoo, she is an adept mage specializing in summoning spirits to do her bidding. She also can ressurect the dead if given time to do appropriate rituals. In addition, she’s an accomplished botanist, and teaches botany and herbology courses. Her slightly macabre demeanor can be seen as off-putting by students and faculty alike, but she means well.

Henry Carpenter: Professor of history, and retired soldier from the famed Archangel squad of years gone by. Carpenter has a seemingly endless supply of guns, gadgets, and vehicles that he’s getting from… somewhere. He’s also still receiving orders from… someone.


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